At Calypso Cards we adopt environmentally friendly products and procedures whenever possible, while maintaining our commitment to high quality. All our own publications are printed using 100% windpower, and we use either the highest recycled content available or FSC certified paper (Forest Stewardship Council), meaning for every tree cut down another is planted.

Publications printed on 100% recycled paper

  • Peacerev - printed in Canada
  • GallardoWords - printed in US

U.S. Publications printed at a facility which uses 100% wind power, on the highest post-consumer recycled content available, either PCF (Processed Chlorine Free) or ECF (Elemental Chlorine Free), using vegetable or soy-based inks.

  • Carte
  • Crimson Press
  • Eyedore
  • Little Branch
  • Selfish Kitty
  • Naughty Betty - coated stock
  • Molly & Fig - coated stock
  • OCD

U.S. publications printed on FSC paper from managed forests using vegetable or soy-based inks at a facility which uses 100% wind power.

  • Coloring Cards
  • J & M Martinez
  • LTR
  • Molly & Fig - matte finish
  • Naughty Betty - matte finish
  • Random Chatter

U.K. publications printed on FSC paper from managed forests.

  • Art Press
  • Carte - coated w/ glitter only
  • Crimson Press - glitter only
  • J & M Martinez - foil stamp only
  • Jessica Hogarth
  • Megan Claire
  • Rosie Mad a Thing
  • Lagom
  • Liz & Pip
  • Lola Designs ltd.
  • Louise Tiler
  • Winged Hat

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