Artist Interview - Kelly Angelovic

  1. At Calypso we publish cards by artists from all over the world – tell us where you grew up and where you live and work.
    A mountain girl at heart, I am lucky enough to hail from Boulder, CO. Though I spent a few years living elsewhere in my twenties (Seattle and Australia), Colorado has otherwise been my home.

  2. What is your work environment like, do you have a home studio? An ocean view? what sort of music do you like to listen to while you work?
    I typically work out of the house. When my son was born, we transformed my studio into his nursery, so officially, my office is in the basement. I’m not a huge fan of this part of the house though. More often than not, I can be found working at the kitchen table (hauling my massive Cintiq and art supplies with me). One day, I will have a proper studio again. For now, we make this work. Whether I’m creating in the basement or at the kitchen table though, I am almost always listening to music--modern folk, electronica, classic rock, or tunes with a latin or african beat--something to get my energy flowing. When I need a change of pace, I also enjoy listening to podcasts and audiobooks. Oprah’s Soul Sessions and The Good Life Project have been part of my heavy rotation as of late.

  3. How is your day structured as a working artist?
    My days are structured between working as an artist and being a mom to my 7 year old daughter and almost 5 year old son. I dance between these roles, sometimes with grace, sometimes not (because let’s face it, this balance is not always pretty). My roles as an artist and a mother both pull and push me (way) out of my comfort zone--I can’t do either halfway. How lucky am I though, that I get to do work that feeds my soul AND be a mom to such amazing little people? I wouldn’t have it any other way.

  4. How did you begin your career as an artist?
    My mom was a graphic designer, so I grew up in a household where creativity was encouraged. As a child, I loved making art, but didn’t consider it a viable career option until much later. A few years after earning my Bachelor’s degree, finally heeding my own creative call, I went back to school to study Graphic Design. I didn’t discover my current path though, until my daughter was born. In the short pockets of time when she napped (needing a creative outlet to maintain my sanity), I started illustrating and playing with hand lettering. I quickly fell head over heels in love with the art of image making, and I haven’t looked back.

  5. What inspires your work?
    The beautiful thing about inspiration is that it can come from anywhere. Fellow artists. Vintage typography. Letterpress. Color--especially color. I’m always taking photos and screenshots of color palettes that...feel good. Color for me is a very visceral experience. I also try to make work that contributes to the collective higher good. Sharing love. Strength. Encouragement. Putting a voice to things that matter.

  6. What is your favorite medium?
    90% of what I do is digital, though I love to get my hands dirty too. Painting with gouache is something I’ve been playing with lately, though much of what I paint never sees the light of day--I’m still very much a work in progress.

  7. Of all the cards we publish by you, do you have a favorite?
    My empowered women has to my favorite card. There is so much I’m struggling with in the world right now. A devoted idealist, this image in particular is positive, empowering, and inclusive--all things the world needs more of.

Thank you Calypso for spreading messages of hope and positivity in the world. I’m so thrilled to be working with you.

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