Artist Interview - Edith Jackson

I was born and reared in Florida. My father was a citrus grower and I went with him everywhere from the time I was a small child up into my early teens. He taught me how to see.

Having lived in several places in the States and abroad, I now live in a log cabin in the Smoky Mountains. This lush environment changes its appearance on a daily basis with unending beauty. When we moved into this cabin, I had the under part of the cabin dug out and a room built with a bathroom, sink and deck with outdoor hot and cold water for painting outside as well as inside.

The kind of music I like is really varied but I find that Chopin has the calm to think and Mozart the sizzle to spark! It doesn’t stop there; it depends on the mood. This is my cabin and a shot of the painting area of the Studio. A taste of Spring and a glimpse of Fall.

My work day begins at 8:30 in the morning and draws down by 5:30 to 6 in the afternoon. I am surrounded by the woods and all its unending activity. I do my best work early in the morning. When traveling I like to work ideas while my husband drives. So I am never without a paper and pen.

My career as an artist really began by default. I drew on everything. It was innate and so connected to seeing and feeling which I learned from going with my father. I exhibited in many art shows in Florida, painting animals and women. My success started when I was granted a one women show but the true feeling of success was reached years later when I created a wholesale business and sold work all across the country. That evolved into a design business which grew through 16 years attending Surtex – New York’s Surface Design Show. I had no idea that a traumatic event would rob me of my ability to paint. It did. I took a sabbatical after Surtex in 2005 due to a family health crisis, moving from Kansas City to my log cabin in the Smoky Mountains. There I learned how to evolve my designs on the computer and in late 2014 I began painting once more.

Nature has always been the base of my inspiration and painting again has returned a zest to my life. It is different but art evolves just as thoughts grow and develop as life unfolds. I am inspired by people who do things, make things happen, who don’t take no for an answer. I am inspired by artists who continue in their vein of creativity. Matisse is my hero; however, I am influenced by a large variety of artists both contemporary and from the past. Growing up “creating art” is not how my family or how my school teachers thought of what I was doing. That is funny. I got into a lot of trouble “creating art” on everything I could put a crayon or pencil to. But it didn’t deter me in the least.

I don’t actually have a favorite medium. Different expressions require different medium explorations. It is curiosity that is the root of artistic expression, adventure, and production. It is the driving force in my life. As far as style goes, it too evolves with life’s reflections, fashion, trends, expressions.

I must say that of the cards that Calypso has published, absolutely wow is my favorite. painting dozens of motifs, i sent them to marcy at creatif licensing, and the brainstorms began. she paired backgrounds with my vibrant watercolor florals and presto we were making magic. mixing the softness of watercolor with the trendy black and white geometric patterns and a little drama with irreverent or sassy expressions is the absolutely wow collection. between the two of us, it is rapidly growing into a 100% bold, flirty, fashion-forward brand. great art direction from marcy as we capture everyone’s attention with more to come….