Artist Interview - Louise Tiler

I am based in Yorkshire in the North of England (I have been told my accent is very strong!) I work in a beautiful office that my business partner Gavin built last year along-side a few others that work in our offices. Downstairs is a warehouse where we pick, pack and ship all our orders. My office is decorated in bright, cheerful colors and I have a great view over the valley. I usually listen to calm music when I’m working but if it’s been a hard day in the studio I like to have a little dance at my desk.

My days in the studio are long (but I love my job!). I start work at about 9 and work until about 7 pm. I start the day by answering emails and admin but then I try to spend the rest of the day being creative. With new additions to our staff this year I have had the chance to dedicate more time to the creative side of things. I love to paint and play with color. I try not to take my business outside of work but I have a second office at home where I can work in the evening if there are lots of deadlines and work to complete. It is easier having a work/ life balance now that I have others working with me, we are a great team.

After studying Printed Textiles at university I then began freelancing in creative studios and with greeting card publishers. My first big success came when I was lucky enough to be chosen as New Designer of the Year from among thousands of UK graduates, and this was before I even graduated! This gave me the chance to exhibit at Surtex in New York as part of winning an international award. These awards really helped me to gain recogni-tion for my designs and creative work.

I find inspiration in everything! But particularly I am inspired by artists, business owners and hard-working people, not just artists, in the creative industries. I love to read and learn about business as well as spending hours looking at beautiful inspiration on Insta-gram, in shops or in books.

My earliest memory of creating art is at age four, in church of all places. My parents tried to keep me occupied with pens and paper and I would draw and create art of everyone, even if they didn’t want it! Drawing is the one thing I was just “good” at.

My favorites of the cards carried by Calypso are the new 20th Century Girl range. I think the gold foil and emboss really makes the designs pop! I love the modern, fresh designs and the collection seems to be the most popular with our customers.

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