Featured Artist - Leigh Standley of Curly Girl Design 

This month, our featured artist is Leigh Standley of Curly Girl Design !

Leigh Standley is the founder and creative director of Curly Girl Design. By embracing the power of the written word, as well as the magic of little moments to help bring people together, Curly Girl cards help to celebrate, support and inspire.

Our partnership with Curly Girl Design launched in 2020. Some highlights since then include:

October 2023: Just last week, "The Cheese" took home the Consumer's Choice Award. Unique from the other awards, rather than voted for by industry professionals, this award was voted for by the card-buying public. Leigh said, "It is always such a treat to win awards, especially after so many years of work, but to be chosen by the customers, by the people who USE my work to connect to one another is truly an honor!"

April 2023: The Curly Girl card "The Cheese" received a Louie Award in the Thank You category and "Many Feathers" was honored with a Noted @ Noted award in the Wisest category.

April 2021: Leigh won Writer of the Year, the most coveted Louie Award offered by the Greeting Card Association.

Our friends north of the border in Canada at Paper E. Clips recently started distributing the line in Canada and interviewed Leigh, the big cheese and original "curly girl" herself. You can read their entire interview with Leigh here.

See the press release from the Consumer's Choice Award here.

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